New first paragraph provided via Twitter:

“HJR passed 83-74. 6 “absent”. Needed 82. All Ds NO. 2 Rs jumped ship Funderburk and Silvey were NO. Most important labor vote so far.” – John Burnett

If that math holds up, 72 of 74 Dems voted no, 2 were absent. 83 of 89 Reps voted aye, 4 were absent.


The Missouri State House has a case of the Mondays, which may be why anti-union HJR37 is currently up for perfection.

The following Missouri House Republicans received AFL-CIO endorsements in the 2008 general election.

Doug Funderburk (R-12th), Ryan Silvey (R-38th), Will Kraus (R-48th), Gary Dusenberg (R-54th), Brian Yates (R-56th), Mike Sutherland (R-99th), Steven Tilley (R-106th), Mike McGhee (R-122nd), Scott Lipke (R-157th), and Billy Pat Wright (R-159th)

Dusenberg, Yates, Sutherland, and Lipke are term-limited. Which means that there are six non-term limited Republicans who could jump based off of that endorsement, and there’d still be 83 votes. And it should be interesting to see how many Representatives in districts which received an “open” endorsement will leap in or defect on this matter.

So let’s see who’s going to take the big leap.

Updates via Twitter:

“Debating HJR-37. Democrats taking turns to position themselves for union $$$ and support.” – Scott Dieckhaus. Since those supporters of HJR37 are timid sorts who don’t make donations.

“We could stabilize the budget if every time a member of the MO house referencesd the civil war or slavery, it cost them $1” – Jason Kander.

Update, re: Amendments: Seems as there are 83 votes to strike down Dem amendments (such as one that would disallow violations of the NLRA). So we get closer to seeing who will cliffdive with the Republican leadership.

Final update: 83 Ayes, 74 Nays. HJR 37 perfected. Now on to the third reading sometime soon, and a quiet death in the state senate (we hope).

Update from Clark: Here’s a tweet from the P-D’s Roseann Moring:

Mike Cunningham got booed for asking Jamilah Nasheed how important she thinks the secret ballot was for black people after the Civil War

about 1 hour ago from web

Stay classy, Missouri Republicans!