A commenter at Fired Up makes an excellent point: as pretty as the Missouri Democratic Party website is, it’s devoid of regularly updated content.

In fact, a lot of the same flaws I noted in Maida Coleman’s website are present in the MDP website, too. It’s not something that someone would check on a regular basis for new information – aside from the upcoming events section, there is virtually no new information since Robin Carnahan’s announcement of her candidacy for US Senate. It isn’t a hub that collects potential volunteers and contributors and steers them to opportunities, nor does it spur visitors to create their own ways to contribute to the party’s efforts. And there are no prominent links to any Democratic presence on social networking and media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The best I can say about it is that at least the information that it does provide is better organized and presented than Maida’s website, with contribution buttons front and center.

I wonder why the MDP can’t get it together on the web front. And I hope Robin Carnahan does a better job when her full campaign website finally goes live.