Hell of a question. Let’s go to the evidence

“We’ve got a message from the OMB, the vice president, they don’t like it,”


Reached for comment this afternoon, Richard clarified that he hadn’t actually heard from the OMB or Vice President Joe Biden.

Richard has since directed the House lawyer, Don Lograsso, to look into the plan’s legality. If it doesn’t meet the letter of the law, he said, lawmakers will not pursue it.


“They say it’s illegal and we’re going anyway.”

Can’t someone on television just stop huffing the smoke here and call the Speaker a liar? I know that lying on Fox News is like gambling in a casino. But let’s face it, Ron Richard blatantly lied and now wants to make it seem like something else. Unless one is to believe that the Speaker is such a dullard that he really heard “your plan might be illegal” as “Joe Biden told me to tell you that your plan is illegal”

Ok ok.. this is a guy whose economic stimulus plan doesn’t involve putting Missourians to work on infrastructure projects (or really, anything at all), but instead giving them a $500 check (on average) and hoping they can eat some cake with their refund. Basically the plan is one where we pour clean water into a dirty stream and hope it makes a difference.

So.. if you keep throwing bowling balls at a wall, and nothing happens. Do you keep throwing bowling balls at a wall? or do you take a new approach? Ok ok.. this is someone whose response to logic is “We’re going anyways”.