Well, here’s your chance progressive St. Louisans…

As we are gearing up for the fight to pass President Obama’s health reform agenda, progressives from around St. Louis will be coming to Forest Park Community College, for the Health Care Can’t Wait! townhall discussion.

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St. Louis ACORN, along with our event co-sponsors(Planned Parenthood, SEIU, UAW, CWA, PROMO, Metropolitan Congregations United, and many more progressive organizations) will hosting the Health Care Can’t Wait! townhall discussion at the Forest Park Community College Student Theatre, from 11am till Noon on Saturday.

Why should you show up?  Because we all know that President Obama and his progressive allies can’t make this happen, without grassroots support.  Already Republicans and conservative Democrats are taking aim at removing the option of buying into a public healthcare option, the cornerstone of any meaningful healthcare reform.  America’s healthcare delivery system is broken, and we can’t just keep trying minor tweaks and hoping that the duct tape keeping this country’s healthcare system together holds.  We need real change, real fast!

Across the country, people have been mobilizing in support of healthcare reform, with thousands coming out to these events in the month of April.  Now it’s St. Louis’ turn to show that we support meaningful healthcare reform.  So here are the details.

What:  Health Care Can’t Wait! Townhall Discussion

Featuring panelists(both consumers and providers) speaking about the need for real healthcare reform.

When:  Saturday, April 25th at 11am till Noon.

Where:  Forest Park Community College Student Theatre.

Why:  Because America’s healthcare system has failed, and we need to let our elected representatives know that we are demanding change!

Please RSVP by following this link:


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