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Congressman Roy Blunt (r – lobbyists) and former Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman (r) wrote competing teabagger Twitter posts. First Sarah Steelman:

Looking forward to speaking at the Tea Party in Camdenton this evening! Power to the People! 7:30 AM Apr 15th from web

Speaking at the tea party in Camdenton was great fun last night! Lots of freedom loving peole who care about this country. 2:03 PM Apr 16th from mobile web

Roy Blunt:

I issued a statement today about the outrageous Homeland Security report. 11:53 AM Apr 15th from mobile web

I hope this report encourages more participation in the Tea Parties. 11:54 AM Apr 15th from mobile web

What, nothing about outrageous cigarette taxes in New York City as a spark for populist outrage? Power to the People!