Courtesy of Prime Buzz, Thomas Tabback, who ghostwrote the classic and imaginatively titled conservative manifesto Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream, spoke to a crowd of 200 hundred people bitter that they lost an election just 6 months ago.

You can see why Tabback was hired to ghostwrite Joe’s book, since he had the skill to come up with repartee such as this:

Tabback implored the crowd to fight against a rising “socialist evil” and return the country to its historical greatness. He won the biggest reponse, though, on a double entendre.

“Kings destroy societies, and we got a whole slew of kings up there right now,” Tabback said, pausing for effect. “And some queens.”

The crowd roared, and at least one gave voice to the statement’s implication, yelling out “Barney Frank!”

Gay-baiting and red-baiting in the same speech – way to stay classy!