At least, not like this. In his Maneater column, Nate Kennedy, chairman of the Young Democrats College Federation, details the various issues surrounding Voter ID and early voting proposals, and comes to this stunning conclusion:

I have a solution I hope may lead to a compromise if anyone in Jefferson City is reading this: Pass early voting, photo ID and Election Day Registration this year.

Adding EDR to the bill would allow anyone to register and vote in the weeks preceding an election. Since the photo ID law will be in place, Republicans can sleep sound at night knowing there will be no “rampant voter impersonation fraud.” The technology we have available could allow us to create a statewide voter database immediately accessible at the local level to check for duplicate registrations or fraud as well.

Sorry, Nate, but Republicans can already “sleep sound at night knowing there will be no ‘rampant voter impersonation fraud.'” The Republicans have been flogging the “voter fraud” horse for years, while finding zero evidence to support that there has been any systematic attempt to perpetrate voter fraud. If you’ll remember, Alberto Gonzales was forced to resign as Attorney General in part because he fired US attorneys when they failed to press trumped-up voter fraud charges without evidence.

So why give in to a Republican demand that will disenfranchise voters? They are not interested in preventing “voter fraud” – that problem does not exist. They are interested in making it harder for groups to vote that traditionally support Democrats.