An alert reader brought this tidbit to my attention concerning the open warfare between Senators Griesheimer and Crowell:

Griesheimer, a fellow Republican from Washington, accused Crowell of holding the Senate “hostage” and working with “outside forces” to derail the entire 2009 legislative session.

In fact, earlier in the evening, the Franklin County senator fought amendments to the legislation that he said lobbyists for Monsanto told him would hinder Missouri’s ability to keep the St. Louis-based agribusiness from making a major expansion of its research and development in another state.

[emphasis mine]

Isn’t it rare for a legislator to openly admit that he’s operating at the direction of corporate lobbyists? And it’s probably rarer still for a legislator to make that admission the same night he decries those who work with “outside forces” ?

I don’t really have a dog in this hunt, but it is amusing.