To college students and faculty across Missouri, the support of the House Bill 645 by the Missouri House of Representatives in its first round approval by a 106-41 bipartisan majority certainly comes as a frightening memorandum.  

To some of the legislators who supported the Bill, it is the belief that the massacre at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois would have been different or perhaps wouldn’t have happened if the students facing the catastrophe were carrying guns themselves. Unfortunately, isn’t this believing in the philosophy of an eye for an eye? I mean in the cold war days we lived under circumstances were both the United States and the Soviet Union had amassed weapons for the scope of national security, however, it is a fact that neither we nor the Soviet’s felt any bit secure in the cold war days than in the times after it. And though, one may argue that guns can be appropriately used as a tool for self-defense, it is also a fact that guns aren’t roses and their first and last purpose is to kill and to take life.