Us at Green Action at Wash U are holding an event on Saturday, April 18th at 1pm called Focus the Nation to which we are inviting Congressmen Akin, Carnahan, Senators Bond and McCaskill, and Missouri State Senators from the St. Louis area to come and discuss a clean energy future for Missouri.

The event will be broken down into four parts: it will be kicked-off by an introduction given on the current state of Missouri and national energy legislation. The next segment will include personal statements from local business leaders expressing their ideas and efforts to foster a clean energy economy in Missouri.  After that will be a Town Hall-styled forum, when these businesses and our elected officials will answer questions prompted by their constituents.  Finally, the constituents and local businesses will come together and discuss creating a sustainable and 100% renewable energy economy right here in Missouri.  We want Focus the Nation to show our elected officials that Missouri has the people, resources, and the technology needed for implementing clean, renewable solutions tomorrow.

Constituents are essential to our event as well.  In order to form a clean energy economy we need to bring democracy back to the people.  Our representatives are there to act on behalf of us- a town hall style event is our political right.  Your presence at Focus the Nation would enhance the representation of constituents who are invested in a sustainable future.

We would appreciate you using your network in order to promote Focus the Nation!

Once again- I hope to see you at the 560 Building, Desmond Lee Auditorium, 560 Trinity Ave., University City, starting at 1pm on April 18th!