Introducing HB128, sponsored by Rep. Mike Cunningham of Rogersville. HB128 “designates December 25 of each year to be known as Christmas and requires state agencies, public schools and colleges, and political subdivisions to use the traditional names of holidays”.

What does this bill add?

“9.015. For any holiday observed, recognized, or otherwise referred to by any state department or agency, public school, any public institution of higher education, or any political subdivision of this state, such department, agency, public school, institution of higher education, or political subdivision shall, for all purposes, use the traditional name of the holiday, including but not limited to use of the traditional holiday names of “New Year’s Day”, “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day”, “Lincoln’s Birthday”, “Washington’s Birthday”, “Easter”, “Truman Day”, “Memorial Day”, “Fourth of July” or “Independence Day”, “Labor Day”, “Columbus Day”, “Veterans Day”, “Thanksgiving Day”, “Hanukkah”, “Christmas”, and “Kwanzaa”.”

Finally, a General Assembly standing tall against those who refuse to use the traditional name of Columbus Day.

And the argument for HB128

“Supporters of House Bill 128 say that it is important to provide our citizens with the history that is being lost by using non-traditional names.”

Although the bill does more providing of traditional names than providing of history.

The use of X-Mas is nowhere near the point that people are forgetting what Christmas is called. Seriously. I could have sworn the War on Christmas was just more along the lines of the raging tyranny of people using the phrase “Holiday Break” or “Holiday Tree”.

But in the scheme of things, either this will pass by over 155 votes and by 34 votes, or people will forget to bring it through both chambers by the end of the session. No matter what, the world probably won’t change.