As the residents of North Dakota face unprecedented flooding along the Red River, Governor Nixon is sending two Missouri National Guard units to help our neighbors to the north.  

He ordered fourteen Airmen and two C-130s from St Joe and twenty  members of a helicopter maintenance crew from Springfield activated today.  The helo crew will report to Grand Forks today and the C-130 crews are awaiting orders .  

The Red River along the Minnesota-North Dakota state line is more than twenty feet above flood stage, and is expected to crest well above the previous record of 40.1 feet, that was set in 1897.  

Kudos to Governor Nixon and Adjutant General Stephen Danner for responding to a neighbor in need promptly and efficiently, sending along highly trained Guardsmen who can fill a specific need and actually be helpful, versus just in the way.  (You get an effective commander who gives wise counsel to the Commander in Chief of the state’s Guard forces when that man with the Stars on his shoulders came up through the ranks and remembers that he was once a lowly grunt himself.)  This deployment decision just confirms my assertion that Danner was the best man for the job back when the appointment was announced and my heart commenced to sing.  

Red River Flooding Graphic 1

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Red River Flooding - Graphic 2

Every time the north-flowing Red River jumps it’s banks, the residents of the area get better and better at dealing with it and keeping the waters at bay.  


The “invisible flood walls” that assemble quickly, then break down for storage are an ingenious flood-prevention scheme.  My hat is off to the person who dreamed that one up.  It’s bloody brilliant!

Red River Flooding - Guardsmen

Members of the North Dakota National Guard stack sandbags along the swelling Red River

Red River flooding

A deep-water guard truck rolls through a neighborhood that is losing ground to the water.

Door to Door Rescuer

A lone rescuer wades through the icy waters of the Red River, going door-to-door telling residents to evacuate.

Coast Guard on the scene

Where there is water and peril, you will find the Coast Guard – the one branch of service that no one in my family has any connection to, unfortunately.  


Water Rescue – or – why you should probably comply when it is suggested that you evacuate.

Hats off to all the rescue personnel, and warm dry wishes to all the residents of the area.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do.  For instance, if anyone is in the area, or has friends or family there, and knows of community-level organizations that are taking donations and helping those affected directly, either leave links in comments or email them to us.