The House debated and passed the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act today. Before passage, six amendments received roll call votes. But something interesting occurred in that process.

The first roll call was on the Pingree Amendment:

Amendment numbered 2 printed in House Report 110-39 to add to the list of approved Clean Energy Corps activities the development of clean energy programs designed to meet the needs of rural communities.

The overall vote was 388 to 36. Todd Akin and Roy Blunt were in the 20% of Republicans who voted No on clean energy for rural areas. While I can’t see solar panels on the roofs of Chesterfield homes, I’d imagine that Southwest Missouri could be the host of some interesting clean rural energy facilities.

The Loebsack Amendment came up for a roll call next:

Amendment numbered 4 printed in House Report 110-39 to authorize a new grant program, the Volunteer Generation Fund, to be administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

That amendment passed 261-168 with the entire Missouri Republican delegation voting no.

The Roe Amendment was next:

Amendment numbered 5 printed in House Report 111-39 to set an authorization for AmeriCorps, the Trust, Innovative programs, audits and evaluations at the FY 2008 level for FY 2010, and as such sums as may be necessary for fiscal years 2011 through 2014.

That failed 256-171 with all Missouri Republicans voting aye.

The Kilroy Amendment came up next:

Amendment numbered 6 printed in House Report 111-39 to provide volunteers to supervise physical education classes at elementary and secondary schools, provide nutrition education to students, and supervise, organize, and manage after school physical activity/education programs. The amendment would also provide services to these elderly people through food deliveries, legal and medical services provided in the home, and transportation.

This Amendment passed 372 to 57 with Todd Akin and Roy Blunt voting Nay. While Akin has proven himself on issues of food in schools. It appears that Todd and Roy have followed in the pioneering spirit of Davy Crockett by staking out a new frontier for right-wing stances on issues of schools and food deliveries for the elderly.

The Markey Amendment came up next:

Amendment numbered 8 printed in House Report 111-39 to increase the operational support given to organizations for full-time individuals enrolled in an approved national service position. The amendment proposes increasing the support from $600 to $800 and from $800 to $1000 if program supports at least 50 percent disadvantaged youth.

That passed 283 to 147 with the entire Missouri Republican delegation voting Nay.

That was followed by the Titus Amendment:

Amendment numbered 10 printed in House Report 111-39 to create a National Service Reserve Corps and requires an annual service requirement of at least 10 hours and/or annual training. A member of the National Service Reserve Corps is one who has completed a term of national service, fulfilled training, and will respond to national disasters and other emergencies. These individuals will be listed in a national database for the ease of immediate deployment in case of emergency.

That passed 339 to 93 with Akin, Blunt, and Graves voting Nay.

Ultimately the Bill passed 321 to 105 with Akin, Blunt, Graves, and Luetkemeyer voting No.

Not convinced by the votes of Roy Blunt that he’s one of the most conservative Congressmen in the country? Maybe you need to hear it from Roy himself:

I’d say where I’m from in Southwest Missouri, particularly in regard to the federal government, we believe the job of the federal government is to defend the country and deliver the mail. And after that, we’re prepared to argue about every other single thing as to whether that’s the best thing for the federal government to do.

I will tell you, we’re not quite as strong on believing the federal government’s the best group to deliver the mail anymore.

Can’t wait to see when Roy runs from his record while trying to make himself look like he doesn’t need binoculars to see the middle of the political spectrum.