Because keeping an eye on the House is more fun than watching your brackets get decimated by reality.

H.R. 1586: to impose an additional tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients

H. Con. Res. 76: expressing the sense of the Congress regarding executive and employee bonuses paid by AIG and other companies assisted with taxpayer funds provided under the Troubled Assets Relief Program of the Secretary of the Treasury

Votes will be held later today. Let’s see how our Missouri Republican delegation votes.

Update: Time for a vote.. 1586 up first, followed by HCR 76.

Update 2: Judging by early 1586 tallies (with all Reps against), Roy Blunt and the Republicans will settle for just being unhappy about AIG* instead of doing something. (* – I might be assuming that Roy and Co. won’t vote en masse against HCR 76). And a 2/3rds majority is required right now, so expect at least one failure and maybe two.

Update 3: 131-54 Aye right now. Looks like the Sensible Republican Caucus meeting adjourned and they came out to vote in force, as there are 20+ Republican ayes.

Update 4: HR 1586 passes 328-93 with 80+ Reps voting Aye. Report on the MO Reps coming up.

Update 5: Voting Aye on 1586- Blunt and Emerson, Voting No on 1586- Akin, Graves, and Luetkemeyer. And the entire Republican delegation voted no on HCR76 (which failed since it didn’t get 2/3rds of the vote). If Roy Blunt wasn’t running for the Senate, he would have voted against 1586.