This “person” is my Congressman. I want his job, since I figure that any robot could do it as well as he does. How hard is it to vote “no” on everything except naming a post office or a court house…or voting to call 2009 the year of pi (yeah…really!)

I’ve been keeping track of his votes on major bills before the House this session. So far, he’s voted against children (HR 2-Children’s Health Insurance), teens (HR 910-Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens), women (HR 12-Paycheck Fairness Act and HR 11-Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), the elderly (Hr 448 – Elder Abuse Victims Act), public land management and clean water (S 11-Omnibus Public Land Management Act; HR 1262-Water Quality Investment Act).

Of course, he also voted against the TARP Reform and Accountability Act (wouldn’t want to hold them responsible for what they do with all our money); against the 2009 Stimulus Bill (we’ll give money to Wall Street because they know how to handle it, but we won’t support job creation); against disclosing Presidential records (what’s a President to do if he can’t keep it secret?); against revealing contributors to Presidential Libraries. [Source for all these votes: Congress Votes Database, Washington Post online; and]

Does he really think he’s representing the people of his district, when we have had 250 Sheriff’s Sales, 11,500 foreclosures (and 280 in pre-foreclosure), and 5,750 bankruptcies in this district in the last year? When we had 9% unemployment in this district in December 08? When we had nearly 27,000 residents enrolled in MO HealthNet in 2008 because they had no private insurance (and I’m sure that’s growing)? When we have nearly 27,000 Food Stamp recipients in 2008 (although their average yearly benefit was $900, which probably wouldn’t even buy Todd’s groceries for a month). He’s representing only the upper- and upper-middle class residents in this district. And that classification is decreasing by the day, as this recession deepens. [Stats on St Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties; from the MO state database online]

His only recommendation is to lower taxes! What part of “people who aren’t working don’t pay taxes” doesn’t he understand! What part of “banks don’t pay taxes on foreclosed property” doesn’t he understand?

Unfortunately, I see no light at the end of this particular tunnel. A dear progressive friend also in his district told me “the only way to defeat him is to catch him transporting a teen across state lines for sex purposes…or if we could convince Jesus Christ Himself to run in the 2nd.” (I have my doubts about this last, since I’m pretty sure that Todd could succeed in branding Him a long-haired, sandle-wearing hippy progressive who was soft on crime and terrorism.)

Perhaps we’ll get lucky and get this district redrawn into something that doesn’t resemble a gerry in 2011…and then we can vote Todd out!