10pm update: More reading on the event held regarding health care spending.


Extra content: Here’s some extra reading material regarding GOP v. Health Care.

But in regards to the title of the editorial. When one considers what the General Assembly Republicans do when the GA is in session, a week’s vacation from them isn’t the problem here. It’s keeping those blockheads in power that’s really hurting the state.


If you had the opportunity to invest $1 and get $5 in return, you’d take it, right? But then again, you’re likely not a Republican in the General Assembly.

But the week before Spring Break wasn’t just a week where General Assembly Republicans stayed the course in opposing the reversal of the 2005 cuts. They also cut funds for alcohol and drug-addiction treatment, meals for seniors, county health centers and public health inspectors. (Apparently some of those cuts were reversed, I haven’t read direct details, since the state government is apparently below the standards of some media in Missouri).

We’d like to think the General Assembly Republicans are more clueless than cheap. But that might be a bit of a generous assumption.

“But House Republicans have questioned the wisdom of expanding welfare programs during a recession.”

Recessions are the sort of time when you want a safety-net around to help the people out who are suddenly having problems (or who have gone from bad to worse). I’m sure that if one asked the right questions, you could get G.A. Republicans who’d oppose expanding welfare at any time, or even having it at all. The Republicans who think that providing some more health care will cause all sorts of doom and lead to the Republican monetary base hiding out in gulches have too much power for our own good.

And yes “welfare”. I went there and used quotations. Because providing easier access to health care for children and poorer people should be called what it is, providing easier access to health care for children and poorer people. Just lay it out and make it obvious. Health care availability, do you want more or less? Because we know who you could re-elect if you want less, and who you can elect if you want more. Restoring good sense in the Capitol starts when you change who has the majority and put people in who don’t just have a clue, but who also care for the people.

Jay Nixon winning the Governor’s office by 18 points wasn’t enough to wake up General Assembly Republicans. Because the numbers that matter are not 57/39, but 82 and 18. Imagine what would be going on today if Barack Obama was President and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell ran Congress, and you’d be pretty close to what’s going on in Missouri right now. General Assembly Republicans haven’t been hit hard enough in elections for their reckless policies, and they think they can keep on their course without consequences.

Many more paragraphs can be written about the lack of logic, sense, compassion, and intelligence involved in turning away stimulus money in times like these. Do we want to be one of the first to recover or one of the last to recover? Do we want to be on the cutting edge or left in the dust?

The only people who “win” as a result of our General Assembly Republicans, are the people in the other states where better services are provided and better safety-nets exist.

When you put intelligence above ideology, you can get good things. When you do the opposite, then you’re a General Assembly Republican.