Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.  –Mark Twain

What is the point of the republican noise machine and the quest for the holy analogy that will finally convince Americans that we are spending a hell of a lot of money?    Why, it is enough money that, if it was dropped on top of the congressional republicans, they would be squashed like bugs, but still they would be unable to buy a clue.

See?  I can play that game too.  

First it was John Thune and his visual aids worthy of mockery by everyone who has finished fourth grade.  Then Mitch McConnell thought he had it when he came up with “if you spent a million dollars a day every day from the day Jesus was born until now, you still wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars.”  Now he is back at it with a new one…The federal government has spent a billion dollars an hour since Obama took office.

Okay.  Technically, that is true, up to a point.  But let’s flesh this out a little bit, because the devil is in the details.  Or in this case, the devil is dispelled in the details.

Yes, if you add the stimulus and the omnibus together, the total is almost $1.25 trillion in authorized spending.  But no, a trillion bucks has not flooded into the economy.  The $410 billion omnibus (which should have been passed last fall, but it was silly season) to fund government operations will be spent over the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends on 30 September.  Now do the math we are still in the first half of the fiscal year.  Bitching about funding government operations is utter nonsense on its very face, but setting up a howl and conflating micro and macro economics is all they have left, since they are totally bereft of constructive ideas.  It should also be noted that none of the republicans who are howling about spending in the omnibus have proposed defunding the government.  

The last time the republicans shut down the government, Bill Clinton got reelected and Newt lost his gavel.  

The $750 trillion-plus stimulus hasn’t been spent, either.  It is authorized spending that will be dispensed over the coming years, with the bulk funneling into the economy between now and the end of 2010.

So to say that the Democrats have spent a billion dollars an hour is, quite simply, complete and utter bullshit.

All these jackasses have left is trying to scare people with big numbers and confusing people by conflating economic principles.  The micro considerations of a family or even a business have f***-all to do with the macro considerations of governments, and conflating the two brands them with one of two undesirable labels.  They are either hopelessly ignorant, or they are deliberate liars.  In either case, they have no business making policy.  

Now…will anyone in the “liberal media” republican PR apparatus call them on their blatant dishonesty?  

I’m not holding my breath.