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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) has gained a lot of notoriety about her use of Twitter:

(from Senator McCaskill’s staffer, Adrianne Marsh)

A story about Twitter that includes Claire will run at the tail end of ABC World News tonight.3:27 PM Feb 25th from web

And the senator?:

(from Senator McCaskill)

Those naysayers bout twitter don’t get it. It’s all about communication. Communication is always a good thing especially in my job.12:14 PM Mar 3rd from TinyTwitter

Communication is good. Anything that bucks the perceived hegemony of the corporate news industrial complex is good.

Communicating in only 140 characters doesn’t leave much room for detail or nuance when dealing with complex issues. That would explain television news.

David Waldman over at Congress Matters weighs in on political Twittermania:

…And that’s how we get back to the original point. What’s transformative about a medium that enables journalists to ask Senators why they voted the way they voted? Does it really make the question more hard-nosed because it was asked in a medium normally reserved for asking, “wut up?”

There’s nothing transformative there, of course. But because it’s done using a new technological tool, it’s regarded by people who have heretofore approached online communications with some suspicion as being something entirely different from their communications in the past. And the people who engage in its use are viewed as some new species of animal.

Maybe the best thing that can come out of this move to Twitter is the realization by the people who have been so suspicious of blogs and bloggers that they’re really not doing anything different than they were ever doing. They’re communicating just the same, but with new tools.

The worst thing that could come out of it, though, would be for them to fail to see that, and to continue to regard the use of Twitter as something entirely removed from normal communications. Cuz it got little buttons 2 push n stuff.

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