Source: Kansas City Star

The latest round in Missouri’s earmark debate began Friday when the state Republican Party questioned whether Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan would avoid earmarks if elected to the Senate.

“Would you join with Senator McCaskill, so that Missouri unilaterally disarms itself, and gets nothing while other states get projects in Congress?” the Republican news release hypothetically asked Carnahan.

Wait, the party that has spent weeks making up earmarks in the stimulus, and who backs a guy calling for a spending freeze is now attacking someone for what can be called fiscal conservatism? Could it be due to Roy Blunt’s own record with earmarks? (as opposed to the usual lack of shame that Republican politicians display)

In the 2008 fiscal year, Blunt sponsored 25 earmarks totaling more than $46 million, according to, a Web site that tracks earmarks by sponsors. Those ranged from an $8 million defense appropriation to Gestalt LLC in Joplin to a $94,000 technology grant for the city of Ozark under the Community Oriented Policing Services program.

“Roy Blunt has a totally open record of fighting for Missouri’s fair share and he will continue fighting for Missouri in the United States Senate,” said Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer.

Short Q for Rich Chrismer: So, is $414M a year in earmarks a reasonable expectation from Roy “Spending Freeze” Blunt?

As for the 2009 Omnibus, the Our friend, Mr. Spreadsheet says that Roy Blunt proposed $6.8M in earmarks by himself and $8.6M with others.

Granted, Roy will be voting against the bill containing his earmarks, so he should probably quiet down on the hypocrisy front in regards to Sarah Steelman.

Sarah Steelman, good luck getting Roy to accept that No Earmarks pledge. You might want to see if there’s a patch to ween Roy off of earmarks first.