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Mike Lux has an excellent diary on President Obama over at HuffPo and OpenLeft. Go read it. Here’s a taste:

In traveling all over the country promoting my new book, The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be, I have been saying that the lesson of history is that Obama should seize this opportunity to think very big and bold, to be transformative in pushing to fundamentally re-structure our economy, our energy system, our health system, and our very politics.  And that is exactly what President Obama is doing – no credit due to me or any other advice given.  He is just listening to his own remarkable political instincts.

Though the recent economic recovery bill was too small and had its flaws, it was literally the biggest single investment in progressive social capital – health care, public education, green jobs, infrastructure, universal broadband – in history.  His budget might well be the most audacious and sweeping in progressive history as well – certainly one that competes with LBJ’s 1965 budget and FDR’s 1935 budget.  Obama is fulfilling his promise to the America people in the 2008 campaign: big, bold, truly transformative change.

This might be a good time to mention that Mike will be in Missouri on his book tour the weekend of March 20th. More on that tomorrow.