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Yep, that republican meme is getting circulated all right. They’ve got to be joking. Their unregulated free market pseudo-capitalism hasn’t been working out so well lately. But then again, they are humorless and they never joke about this stuff.

Captured image from an on-line advertisement spreading the republican anti-stimulus meme.

The anti-stimulus “tea” people had a rally in the park at 47th and Main in Kansas City (near the entrance to the Plaza) yesterday as part of a nationally orchestrated publicity effort. The local NBC television affiliate posted the following story on-line (note the crowd estimate):

Hundreds Knock on Missouri Senator’s Door

Posted by: Amy Hawley…

…Last Update: 2/28 4:01 pm…

Uh, it was Saturday. Claire McCaskill’s office is closed on Saturdays.

The Kansas City Star had the story in their dead trees edition, plus the following on-line:

Protesters gather at Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office in Westport


…More than 100 people first gathered in Mill Creek Park in snow and subfreezing weather…

“I don’t like the socialism piece of it,” she said as some passing cars honked in support of the signs…

[emphasis added]

There’s that “socialism” meme. Where has she been for the previous eight years? Just asking. I suppose it’s not “socialism” when the top one per cent and political cronies of those in power benefit. Working people and the poor must be another story.

The inconvenient fact that most people in the country support the stimulus plan must really chap their “anti-socialist” asses.

The weather in Warrensburg on Saturday morning was not conducive to driving the fifty or so miles to the Plaza to document the venting of a few dubya voters.

Over a period of several years I attended weekly protests in the same park at 47th and Main. Over fifty events, with attendance ranging from a few to close to two thousand. On occasion the Kansas City Star and various local television stations would cover the park protests and marches. The thing is, the organizers usually tasked someone to get a head count. Invariably the television stations (and sometimes the Star) would say “dozens” were in attendance when in fact there were hundreds.

It would have been nice to attend this “anti-socialist” rally (I came close) to get an independent head count and photos, but local snow fall was considerably greater in my area than in the city. Driving out for the event would have been an iffy proposition.

I regret that I missed this golden opportunity to get some interesting interviews. Eh. From the media coverage I’ve seen I didn’t miss much.