Voter I.D. propagandists never say die. HJR 9, which would affect some 240,000 Missourians currently registered to vote, will be headed for the ballot as a constitutional amendment if the Republicans have their way in the legislature. And that’s not something that Governor Nixon has any veto power over.

It needs to be stopped now, smothered in committee next Tuesday. And the way to do that is with withering testimony from lots of people who would be affected if the Republican initiative were to succeed. Those who are working to stop HJR 9 need to find those people.

Are you one of them or do you know someone who does not have state issued I.D.? We’re talking mainly people who don’t have drivers licenses. Time is of the essence. If you can provide the name of someone who might be willing to testify next Tuesday, please contact Eileen at: ehevans [at] sbcglobal dot net. (Excuse the weird format of the e-mail address. I’m trying to spare Eileen being caught up by spam software searching the internet for e-mail addresses.)