Source: Springfield News-Leader

Jack Goodman’s district includes Barry, Lawrence, Newton, Stone, and Taney Counties in MO-7. These counties cast 70K of 323K (21%) votes for Congress in the 2008 election.

From what i’ve found, there have been six competitive Republican primaries in MO-7 since 1952 (when Joplin and Springfield were put in the same district). One was between Dewey Short (R-Galena) and Noel Cox, Two were held to find a challenger to Congressman Charlie Brown (the last Democrat to win MO-7), and three were held to fill open seats.

In 1972, Gene Taylor beat John Ashcroft. In 1988, Mel Hancock beat Gary Nodler and Dennis Smith. In 1996, Roy Blunt beat Gary Nodler. Interestingly enough, all three primaries involved a Joplin candidate facing a Springfield candidate.

We would need a clearer view of the Republican field to guess who a front runner is. But a strong contender who lives in-between Joplin and Springfield is an interesting wildcard.

In other news, auctioneer Billy Long also said he was a candidate. No word on if he threw down his white cowboy hat in disappointment after realizing that he was totally overshadowed in the whole announcement part of the campaign.

The long list of prospective candidates is still the same. But if this primary becomes a four-way contest (or more). It’ll be a unique situation for an open seat in this area. No word on any specific Democrats who might run down in the 7th.