What is one to do after calling on the freezing of federal spending.. well, if you’re Roy Blunt, you become one of 24 Representatives to oppose freezing your salary. Seriously.

Now, the whole process of how our Congress handles pay raises is not exactly enthralling (since they don’t directly vote on the pay raises for obvious reasons). But in the passage of H. Res. 184, the freezing of the 2010 pay raise was attached to HR 1185 somehow. The AP isn’t particularly clear on this point. And The Hill seems to be reporting the vote total for the previous question vote (393-25) instead of the resolution vote (398-24).

But amongst the 24 who voted no on H. Res. 184 was Roy Blunt. On a vote where Republicans acknowledged it was a huge trap that could be used against them later.. Roy Blunt may have wandered right into that trap. Smooth. Even Todd Akin voted aye there.