Once upon a time, Kit Bond (R-Lame Duck) cosponsored a constitutional amendment to limit US Senators to two terms. Now near the end of his fourth Senate term and the end of his career in elective office, Kit Bond has flipped on term limits.

Couldn’t have anything to do with the possibility of Democrats closing the current 15 seat gap in the Missouri by picking up open seats like the ones held by Republicans like Steve Hobbs or Therese Sander (to name two close to where Kit grew up).. could it? Term limits were great in the eyes of Republican politicians when they turned a 15 seat Democrat majority into a Republican Majority in 2002.

At least term-limited legislator Gayle Kingery’s idea for 16 year “limits” isn’t totally shameless. If there were no limits, how many legislators would really serve 16 years? And how many of them propose 32 year limits in the year before the 16 year limits were going to take effect?

Term limits have been a pawn used by politicians (such as when Newt backed 12 year House limits, in year 16 of his House tenure). Now that term limits are a nuisance instead of a benefit to their ambitions, some Republicans want to go back on that idea.

Who’s going to call the Fish and Wildlife Service to tell them that the Missouri Republicans who believed in term limits are disappearing one by one as the next generation of term limited lawmakers are about to step out the door?

Good luck trying to get the electorate to repeal or modify term limits in 2010. You’ll need it.