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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) made a number of Twitter posts today from the “Fiscal Accountability Summit” at the White House:

Will tweet from White House this afternoon.Fiscal Accountability Summit. On panel re:procurement with McCain. Serious $ to be saved there. about 6 hours ago from web

In East Room. Some Cabinet, some Congress and others. Very bipartisan. VP Biden speaking. about 4 hours ago from TinyTwitter

Now an economist who was economic advisor on McCain Campaign. about 4 hours ago from TinyTwitter

Isn’t “republican economic adviser” an oxymoron? Just asking.

Nothing sounds better than a President of my party talking seriously about deficit reduction.Good bye accounting gimicks that hide the prob about 3 hours ago from TinyTwitter

There’s much more:

Surprised at how productive breakout session was on procurement. McCain Collins Lieberman Issa Tauscher Price Levin Towns. All great. about 1 hour ago from TinyTwitter

Hmmm. It’s nice to see that the “independent” chairman of Senate Homeland Security Committee has finally gotten some oversight religion.

It was a session of good policy not politics. Makes me hopeful. If we could just keep that kind of productive atmosphere down the street. about 1 hour ago from TinyTwitter

Not gonna happen. I rest my case.

Now waiting for wrap up with Pres. In Exec Office Bldg next to White House. Original group largely still here 44 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

What? There were people who were there only for the photo op? Just asking.

Everything from the far left to the far right in this room. Finding the middle is harder than it looks.But the participation’s encouraging. 42 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

It’s helpful to remember that republicans define “center” as “far wingnut right”. See Overton Window.

Pres speaking now. Going to open up for comments and Q’s.Continues to recognize contributions of Repubs and wants their input.Discipline. 33 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

They’ll give their input, get concessions, then vote against it anyway. See “fool me once, shame on you…”

Calls on John McCain first. 31 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

Remind me, did he vote for the economic stimulus package or was he one of the obstructionists? Just asking.

Great quote. ” The majority has to be inclusive. The minority needs to be constructive. ” 5 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

One out of two ain’t bad in this era of “post-partisan” cooperation…