Is there a water-borne pathogen specific to the Potomac that infects the brains of republican politicians and causes the cognitive dissonance that allows them to “Just say Nein!!!” when legislation comes up for a vote in D.C. – then scurry on back to the district to take credit for the benefit’s their constituents will enjoy as a result of a bill they voted against passing?  

I call this Gramm-Standing, in ‘honor’ of Phil “we’re just a nation of whiners” Gramm, who was a master of the ploy.   The DCCC just calls it good, old-fashioned hypocrisy, and they gave Missouri’s own Blaine Leutkemeyer a spot in the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame for voting “no” and then immediately turning around and taking credit for projects back home that will be funded thanks to passage of the legislation.  

Look no farther than Kirksville, where the Nay-saying congressman scurried as fast as his little paws would carry him to a surprise pop in at Truman State.  

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer paid an unusual visit to Truman State University Monday.

On his agenda was touring Pershing Arena and Magruder Hall.  Pershing Arena recently received partial funding from the state for renovations.

Luetkemeyer said the project is considered “shovel ready” and that’s what the economy needs.

President Darrell Krueger and Luetkemeyer discussed the educational benefits of the economic stimulus package.

“Within the stimulus package there is some Pell Grant money, which is a good thing.  It helps students be able to pay for their education and that’s kind of a long term stimulus effect there.  I mean obviously that’s not gonna provide a job in the next 120, 180 days, but the ability of someone to get an education is an economic development tool,” said U.S. Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer.

“If they go back to the rules, it will make it very difficult to get earmarks through the next two years because number one we don’t have any more money, we just blew it all on this stimulus package….”

You know, the great conservative statesman Edmund Burke, who famously said that it is an ungrateful cur that bites the hand that feeds it, must be spinning in his grave right now at what his movement has become.