Presidential results from..

Clay County: McCain 54516 (49.7%) Obama 53761 (49.0%)

Ray County: McCain 5593 (50.6%), Obama 5241 (47.4%)

Lt. Governor results from..

Clay County: Kinder 48733 (46.3%), Page 53018 (50.4%)

Ray County: Kinder 4630 (43.2%), Page 5670 (52.9%)

There are six State House districts in these two counties (5 completely in Clay County, one in Clay and Ray counties). Republicans hold 5 of 6 of those seats. For the benefit of reference, here’s a map of the districts in that area

We can see from the Clay County precinct results (.pdf file, a precinct map is here) that Obama and Page did pretty well in the areas around MO-210, won all of North KC, and picked up areas in and around Gladstone, Liberty, and Excelsior Springs.

Majorities are fortified by winning in the tough swing areas. The 15 seat Republican majority is fortified by holding districts like the 33rd (Nolte), 34th (Flook), and 36th (Nance) [I haven’t dug far enough to see how close the 38th is].

In order to win back a majority in the Missouri House, Democrats have to win the seats that we should have won and shouldn’t have lost in the first place. Gerrymandering isn’t the problem, incumbency and money are the problem. Heck of a problem to overcome. But the sooner Democrats top 82 in the House, the better.