The jolly easygoing Speaker of the House Ron Richard laid an egg which hatched this idea earlier this week:

House Speaker Ron Richard, R-Joplin, suggested Missouri reject any federal bailout money and “just send it on back” to Washington.

After all, it’s not like we’re in some sort of budget crunch, eh? We just need to keep buying smaller pants and hope that we can fit in them soon. Thankfully for the state of our state, Jay Nixon is actually doing his job and dealing with our economic problems. One of his methods isn’t entirely popular with the DNRGA fiscal ‘conservatives’ out there:

In Missouri, Republicans call Nixon’s plan for stimulus money a “Mad Max” gambit destined to mire the state in a financial hole from which it may take years to escape.

As opposed to the running on empty approach to dealing with budgets and spending suggested by members of the Republican leadership. (No word on if the Republican approach to SimCity 2000 involved repeatedly cutting taxes and refusing to fund transit at 100%.. while wondering why the city’s economy lags)

But in slightly more recent news.. money money money. And that’s before the stimulus gets signed. Word is that the MU spending gets funded via stimulus dollars.

Also, under an amendment to the bill, the money sent to Missouri has to be spent in 45 days. So, let’s see where $4B can take us in getting things moving.