In an immense legislative body like the United States House of Representatives, the odds of finding a cluster of people to disagree with any legislation is relatively good. After all, with Democrats running the show, Republicans can put up showings (such as their second unanimous vote against the Stimulus, which someone else can cover here in more depth). But, it’s worth exposing some of the “fringe” votes in the last 13 months of Congressional action.

My arbitrary definition of fringe is when the nay side receives fewer than 66 votes. Why that number? Because 15% of 435 House members is 65.25. So if you’re on the side that loses 85% to 15%, then you’re in the obvious minority on that topic. Also, for the purposes of this post, resolutions are disregarded since I don’t want to click on so many links.

Let’s get to a special list of Missouri Congressmen who have been on the 15% side of House votes in the 110th and 111th.

The most recent ‘fringe’ vote block was the vote on HR 448 (The Elder Abuse Victims Act). Yes, 25 Republicans can be found who opposed that bill (a fringe even in their own party). Eight of Nine Missouri Congressmen voted for the bill. Todd Akin voted No.

Todd Akin was also the only Missouri Congressman to vote No on HR 36 (The Presidential Library Donation Reform Act). Akin joined with 30 other Republicans to oppose that bill. Akin joined with 57 other Republicans to vote against HR 35 (Presidential Records Act Amendments).

Now, let’s move back to 2008 to possibly provide some mercy for Todd Akin (after all, maybe he won’t be in the cluster of 35 for some 110th bills)

Akin was one of 61 to vote nay on HR 7221 (Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act), one of 47 against HR 6983 (Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act), one of 23 against HR 6897 (Filipino Veterans Equity Act),

The Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program Act was big enough for Akin AND Roy Blunt to be 2 of 59 nays on that bill. Akin and Blunt were 2 of 49 to oppose the HR4137 conference report (amending and extending the Higher Education Act). This tag team was also 2 of 59 to vote against HR 6331 on the floor and 2 of 41 opposing the override of a veto of the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act.

Now, a large chunk of passed legislation has a total nay vote that is closer to 165 than 65 (such as 165 Republican nays on a bill requiring the Department of Labor to make a report about worker exposure to combustible dust). Then-Republican whip Roy Blunt can take the credit for his hard work rallying a hundred Republicans to vote against logical non-offensive bills.

While we already know that Todd Akin’s a bit out there, at least he voted for the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. A bill that potential Republican Senate candidates like Roy Blunt and Sam Graves voted against.

Brief conclusion: If the number of nays is below 66, the odds of Todd Akin being one of those nays is pretty good. Unless it involves animal fighting.