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One of Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s afternoon Twitter posts:

Don’t know when we’re going to vote. Will the no votes delay vote just because they can?Speed is important. They know that. about 1 hour ago from TinyTwitter

Is this about the economic stimulus? “…Speed is important. They know that.” Is our senator saying that the republican minority is acting by their delay to make the positive effects of this legislation less positive? Very interesting. They would rather failure than success? Why is that? Could it be that republican obstructionism exists because of their warped perception of some possible political gain?

This is why you don’t negotiate with them. Compromise with the republicans in Washington only gets you a watered down bill and “no” votes from those republicans. They are a waste of time.

If the republicans were collectively going to hold their filibuster breaths until they turned blue you should have let them. We would have seen how long the American public tolerated Orrin Hatch with his irritating whine while reading from the telephone book, though that particular around the clock coverage on the Faux News Channel would be a vast improvement in their programming.