While most businesses took a big whammy in January, Kansas City casinos had a big money month. Not just profiting, but the fifth best month ever (or one of the best months ever overall).

Rep. Ray Salva (D-Sugar Creek) is a bit skeptical:

Rep. Ray Salva, a Sugar Creek Democrat, said he didn’t know how commission officials did it, but sharp increases in casino revenues and admissions reported Tuesday couldn’t be correct because the nation’s entire economy was in the tank.

“When the whole country is down, the Missouri Gaming Commission comes up and says gaming had a big increase,” said Salva. “C’mon.”


“People don’t have the money,” he said. “People aren’t going to the boats. They’re going to the public library…. I have no idea where they come up with these figures.”

Not a bit, but totally skeptical. But, when one considers the potent combo of “No Loss Limits” pushing the addicts farther and economic bad times, perhaps people who may be more prone to gambling to make thousands. The idea of casinos making money these days isn’t completely implausible. The odds of business dropping as months go by after the “riverboat stimulus” wears off are good.

Rep. Salva opposed Proposition A and has joined in lawsuits attempting to get it invalidated for various reasons. So far those lawsuits haven’t hit the jackpot. But presumably, if a state commission falsifies figures, that’s illegal and to accuse someone of lying or committing a crime is a pretty big step to take.