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Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) continues  with twitter updates:

First up bipartisan breakfast. Peter Orszag is guest. Topic controlling entitlement spending. Will be interesting to see what Sens show up. about 8 hours ago from web

And what exactly does “control entitlement spending” mean? I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with widows and orphans – now that would be real “bipartisanship”…

Fyi When I used word “Armageddon” in connection with stimulus I was quoting a R businessman who talked to me. Never spoke to Wash Times about 6 hours ago from TinyTwitter

That’s a good thing about the Washington Times because, you know, they tend towards wingnutty in their outlook.

In caucus lunch.Meetings with Missourians this aft.Another meeting of moderate compromise group at 3 about 2 hours ago from TinyTwitter

Uh, oh. That can’t be good for the House when it comes to the economic stimulus bill conference.

If Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson are in that group I don’t think you should get to call it “moderate”. Are they? Just saying.