Lou Hamilton, a buddy of Mayor Slay, (or maybe the official title is “City Hall Lobbyist”), was the victim of an automobile theft Tuesday night from his “manse.”   What was interesting about the story is that Hamilton’s vehicle was equipped with, “red lights and a siren” as well as, “a window placard signed by St. Louis Treasurer Larry Williams – the city’s elected parking czar – that allows Hamilton to park that big Yukon pretty much wherever he wants.” Referring to the parking pass, Post-Dispatch gossip columnist Deb Peterson writes:

As for the sweet parking deal, look for Lou’s Yukon in the following no-parking zones: in front of nice downtown restaurants; around City Hall; and at select spots in the Central West End.

Nice.  And as for the sirens, someone kindly posted a link to an RFT story in Jake Wagman’s mention of the incident on Political Fix.

In that story, we hear that local blogger Dave Drebes was among several aldermen who “whizzed through stop lights” with sirens blaring over to the city hall for the mayoral ball.  After writing a column, Drebes refused to comment for the RFT story because some of the people mentioned weren’t very happy: “I’ve already eaten this shit once, and I don’t want to eat it again.”

The article also points out that using the sirens this way is against the law, and notes that Lou Hamilton also left City Hall that evening with a blue siren flashing.

Sure is a classy group of guys we have running this city!  Thank goodness we’ve got so many “young” “progressives” out there working to reelect Slay so we can keep these good times rollin!