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Fired Up has a good idea:

With the Senate continuing to debate legislation to jump-start the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Sen. Bond has thus far refused to support President Obama’s jobs and economic recovery plan.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will help create jobs, jumpstart our economy and restore public services here in Missouri.

  • More than $1.4 billion will be invested in Medicaid to help needy Missourians get the health care they need.
  • More than $807 million will be invested in Missouri’s education system to modernize schools, hire teachers and make sure kids are learning.
  • Nearly $52 million will be invested in Missouri Head Start and child care programs.

  • Nearly $70 million will be invested in job training programs so that unemployed Missourians can get back to work.
  • Sen. Bond’s support is crucial to preventing the filibuster advo­cated by the arch-conservatives in the Republican Party. Please call Sen. Bond’s office today to support the Obama jobs and economic recovery plan at 1-888-460-0813 or (202) 224-3121.

    I wouldn’t stop there, though. Our Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has shown signs of wavering, as well, concern-trolling over funding for contraception and anti-STD programs. I like that she’s kicking ass on corporate pay, but that doesn’t give her a pass on voting against funding that the states and the country as a whole desperately need.

    Call Bond AND McCaskill right away. McCaskill’s DC number is (202) 224-6154. For an office in Missouri, check here and scroll down to the bottom.