It isn’t just at the circus that we get to see clowns beat each other up; take a moment to consider the current amateur hour in the Senate where numerous Republicans are trying to score political points while dismantling the economic stimulus package.  Take for instance, our own Kit Bond who doesn’t believe workers building mass transit stimulate the economy to the extent that those building highways and bridges do.

If this seems a little confused, just consider Bond’s earlier comment on the stimulus package:

“We are throwing money down the tubes,” said Senator Christopher Bond, a Missouri Republican. He said the bill would fail to ease the credit crisis that is at the heart of the ailing economy.

Even John McCain’s former economic advisor, Mark Zandi, understands the importance of well-planned spending in our current predicament. Perhaps Senator Bond doesn’t realize yet that we are rushing full bore towards a down-and-out depression, and that almost all economists believe that we need a multi-faceted approach that includes a viable stimulus (i.e., government spending) plan that will create jobs.  Bond just doesn’t seem to understand that bringing the bacon home during times when the hog is fat absolutely does not make him a whiz-bang economic thinker.

Kinda makes me think that we shouldn’t be so hard on Rush Limbaugh–at least he has the honesty to be up front about his desire to see the Obama initiative fail. In contrast, Republican legislators like Bond spout misinformation while pushing plans that either don’t measure up to our needs, or which offer more of the same tired old solutions that got us into the situation in which we now find ourselves.  

I’m just sad that our own Missouri Senator Bond cares so little for the people of this state–where job creation was anemic even before the economic downturn and where we are now hemorrhaging jobs.  I gave him a call today to let him know how little I respect his recent performance and suggest that some of you do the same.