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The 4th Congressional District Committee met at the Pettis County Museum in Sedalia, Missouri this afternoon.

Approximately 30 individuals gathered this afternoon at the Pettis County Museum in Sedalia for a meeting of the 4th Congressional District Democratic Committee. Voting membership of the committee includes the Democratic Party county chairs and vice chairs and legislative district chairs and vice chairs within the 4th Congressional District.

The agenda for this meeting included the usual organizational business (minutes and treasurer’s report) as well as a recap of the November 2008 general election from the perspective of those in attendance, planning for an August 2009 fundraising event, and strategic planning for future endeavors.

Six members of the Missouri State Democratic Committee were in attendance, some by virtue of their membership in the congressional committee, others as guests. Each shared their impression of the first state committee meeting after the election.

On the drive to Sedalia we were able to observe a product of past federal government economic stimulus spending:

On the way to Sedalia, along U.S. Highway 50, we spotted $2.5 billion dollars of U.S. government spending – all in one spot.

Your tax dollars at work.