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From the AFL-CIO:

…Today, American Rights at Work, the national workers’ advocacy group, launches a new ad campaign to cut through the dishonest spin about the Employee Free Choice Act, a vital bill to restore the freedom to form unions and bargain and make the economy work for everyone.

The broadcast and print ads, set to launch Sunday, will push back on a massive and misleading corporate campaign, in which anti-worker front groups are blanketing politicians, journalists and the public with falsehoods about the Employee Free Choice Act…


Interestingly enough, some people don’t like unions or the Employee Free Choice Act: “Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill”. Go. Read the whole thing. Some of the hyperbole is delicious, especially the part about “the demise of civilization.” I wonder why someone would think that?

Friday, March 7, 2008 at 11:00 AM EST

The ‘Fortunate 400?

Here’s a little something to chew on while you get your income tax files together this season. Median income in the USA is $48,000. Average annual income of the top four hundred taxpayers? Two hundred and fourteen million dollars. Yep. Two hundred and fourteen million.

Their share of the nation’s income has doubled since 1995. And the tax bill of our happy gazillionaires? Well, it’s fallen by almost half in that same period, from 30 to 18 percent.

Compare that against yours, and the national deficit…

And more recently:

JANUARY 30, 2009

For ‘Fortunate 400,’ a Tumbling Tax Rate


The nation’s top 400 taxpayers made more than $263 million on average in 2006, as the stock market was rallying, but paid income taxes at the lowest rate in the 15 years that the Internal Revenue Service has tracked such data, according to figures released Thursday…

Oh, I now understand this “demise of civilization” thing. It’s about money. That explains everything. You see, if employees unionize they might be able to negotiate an actual living wage and decent benefits – and maybe ‘almost” billionaires would just control hundreds of millions of dollars of personal wealth instead of approaching their dream of controlling billions. It all makes sense now…