So, let’s take an unscientific look at some of the 2010 committees on the Missouri Ethics Committee (existence of 2010 committee not guarantee of 2010 candidacy for that office, offer void where prohibited)

For the State Senate?

Danie Moore and Bill Deeken in SD6. Jim Whorton in SD12. Esther Haywood and Ted Hoskins in SD14. Charles Schlottach in SD16. Jay Wasson and Mike Cunningham in SD20. Charles Portwood and Allen Icet in SD26. Tom Self and Larry Wilson in SD28. BJ Marsh and Bob Dixon in SD30. Ron Richard in SD32. Rob Schaaf in SD34.

Just a few possibilities if we read that much into the current status of committees for term-limited legislators and others.

As for the House..

That’s a bit trickier. But we see a Keri Cottrell (D-Canton) 2010 committee in HD1 (to replace Brian Munzlinger), Jay Swearingen (D-North KC) in HD31 (to replace Trent Skaggs), John Mayfield (D-Independence) in HD53 (to replace Curt Dougherty), Daniel Klindt (R-Jeff City) in HD113 (to replace Mark Bruns), Lynn Otey (R-Neosho) in HD130 (to replace Kevin Wilson), Charity Davis (R-Springfield) in HD137 to face Charlie Norr, and Tracy Mooney (R-Branson) in HD143 (to replace Maynard Wallace). Some of the suspense in 2010 may be dampened by the reality that a lot of seats opened up by term-limits are safe seats for one side or the other. But it’ll give people plenty to do over the Summer.

Also, various State Senators have statewide office committees for 2010, that may just end up becoming statewide office committees for 2012. (In fact, various term limited officials have made their committees 2012 statewide committees for the same reason). John Griesheimer (R-Washington) has made his committee into one seeking the office of Lt. Governor in 2012. Matt Bartle’s committee is currently seeking the office of State Auditor in 2010, is both amusing and kind of frightening.

Granted, if some of the speculation for the open US Senate seat turns out to be true, expect a domino effect of people trying to switch offices to seek an open Congressional seat or an opened up State Senate seat.

At least no term limited State Senators have tried running for the State House. Yet. Oh yeah, let’s keep in mind that there’s only 18 months until the Primary and 14 months until filing closes. So there’s still a lot of time left for people to just wait it out.