Kansas City comes up to spin, and…

A budget shortfall may lead to fire and police cuts, according to the initial 2009 budget proposal being considered by Kansas City, Missouri, to help deal with an $85 million budget gap, and public safety officials say that could hurt their department’s ability to keep Kansas Citians safe.

The State of Kansas comes up to spin and…

Republican legislative leaders on Friday pushed for an across-the-board cut in this year’s state budget, including public school funding, but were getting pushed back by Democrats and some members of their own party.


Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, has proposed budgets for both years that rely on targeted cuts, including a 7 percent reduction for higher education, the diversion of funds that were supposed to go to local governments, and stopping the phase-out of some tax cuts.

Around and round it goes, let’s see what happens when Missouri addresses a projected budget shortfall.