brought to us by Steven Tilley and Travis Brown. Sure, the general story of “Republican waist-deep with lobbyist” is close to “dog bites man” after the last few years nationally and in Missouri. But here are some details.

The Star report does tell us that the “partnership is not improper”, so feel free to glance around the room at the idea that a prominent lawmaker and lobbyist owning a company together isn’t all that bad.

So, Travis Brown amended twenty reports to reflect the relationship that he didn’t bring up before. Brown works with a lobbying company about lobbying (Pelopidas, where former Speaker Pro Tem Carl Bearden went off to become a lobbyist in 2007) and Tilley might be the next Speaker of the Missouri House in 2011. I’m no Business expert here, but i’m pretty sure that if they own planes together, they’re going to be pretty darned close and have a great working relationship. So when someone paying Travis Brown wants something, he can inbound that pass to Steven Tilley, and Tilley can dunk the ball.

I’m pretty sure that the relationship between these two ends at the ownership of an airplane company. More details can be extracted on this matter in the future by some source.