As Blue Girl pointed out in her news roundup of Dec. 30, an evil combine of “rightwing outsiders,” usually only identified as a “coalition of business interests,” have targeted Missouri as one of five test cases in their plan to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).  John Loudon, the term-limited ex-State Senator has signed on to lead this effort in Missouri as leader of an initiatve calling itself S.O.S. Ballot Missouri: Save Our Secret Ballot.  The goal  is to

You may remember Loudon for seemingly endless obsession with weakening restrictions on midwives in Missouri.  At one point he managed to slip his desired legislation past minimally alert Missuri legislators by using obscure Greek terminology for midwifery.

As Loudon’s opening salvo op-ed in the Post-Dispatch last week made clear, he will bring his penchant for winning at the cost of honesty to the new campaign, declaring that:

America’s right to a secret ballot is under serious threat, hanging by just a few votes in the U.S. Senate. …

You might think, “Who could be against the secret ballot?” But a majority in Congress has co-sponsored an Orwellian-named bill called the Employee Free Choice Act. This bill would do away with secret-ballot elections when it comes to employees deciding on possible union representation.

This statement is patently untrue.  The EFCA does not do away with the secret ballot.  Under its provsions, workers can choose to hold an election–with a secret ballot no less–if a third of them elect to do so.  The EFCA does allow workers to opt out of such elections and unionize if a majority check of that option on a card.  It gives unions a tool against the worker intimidation that often characterizes workplace elections.  

Which brings me to your assignment.