The Senate met this morning, and the main business was the adoption of several resolutions regarding 50th wedding anniversaries and the introduction of bills and resolutions.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 6 was proposed. The resolution disapproves of the report of the Missouri Citizen’s Commission on the Compensation for Elected Officials.

The sponsor of SCR6 (Sen. Brad Lager) is also sponsoring SJR6 which would change the constitution to require General Assembly approval of pay increases by February 1st, as opposed to requiring the disapproval of 2/3rds of both chambers. This bill was titled SJR19 in the 2007 session and went nowhere.

The House voted on the journal, read some bills for the second time, introduced bills, and adjourned. More in-depth examination/skimming of bills may be needed to find notable bills that were introduced.

Both chambers will reconvene tomorrow at 10AM.