On the first day of the Senate session, a parade of Matt Blunt recess appointments were announced. But there was one appointment of someone we’d know.

To the Senate of the 95th General Assembly of the State of Missouri: I have the honor to transmit to you herewith for your advice and consent the following appointment made and commissioned by me on September 19, 2008, while the Senate was not in session.

Sandra L. Thomas (..) Platte County, Missouri as a member of the Missouri State Board of Accountancy, for a term ending July 1, 2013, and until her successor is duly appointed and qualified

We remember former Platte County Auditor Sandra Thomas for her unsuccessful campaign for State Auditor two years ago, and for when Platte County lost track of $195K under her watch. Sounds like just the person for a Board of Accountancy. (Then again, there are people who suspect Thomas ran to cover up the Fee Offices scandal as well.)

And you thought that it was impossible to get a new job these days.