Hm, no kidding?

Emerson spokesman Jeffrey Connor said the Congresswoman was content to stay in the House with her new post as the ranking member on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government.

Holding a House seat for as long as she wants is a lot more tempting than running for the Senate and losing (either in a primary or general election).


But Kinder was closed-mouthed about whether he would try to replace Bond, saying, “I’m not going to join those in what I think is unseemly haste in taking potshots or announcing my plans today.”

He declined to name the official taking the potshots, but he did say he saw a statement on a blog that he considered shocking.

We’ll fed-ex some kleenex right to ya, Peter. (Another source says Kinder “isn’t in and he isn’t out”, which means that he’ll declare his candidacy and then withdraw in a week, kind of like how he ran for Governor for a week before quitting.)