Popcorn futures are through the roof!

Via The Scorecard at Politico:

Two Republican operatives close to former Sen. Jim Talent say he is likely to run for the Missouri Senate seat of retiring Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.).

One Republican operative close to Talent said that he has been “itching to run” since losing to Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in 2006, and is eager to make a political comeback.

Itching to make a comeback?  That ought to come as news to political observers in this state.  I mean, I watch politics, and as a rule, if someone is ‘itching for a comeback’ there is an inkling of it.  You tend to see their names in the news now and then, for starters.  And they don’t, as a general rule, go to work as lobbyists in a climate where lobbyists enjoy standing on a par with porn publishers and tobacco executives.  

The wingnut-on-wingnut violence that is going to transpire in the republican primary is going to be brutal.  If it was a movie, Dan Glickman would slap a NC-17 rating on it.