Neat trick, that  Missouri homeowners who want to grow their own electricity and sell the excess are in a catch-22.  The Missouri Public Service Commission, which oversees utilities, requires that homeowners have liability insurance before they can feed electricity to the grid.  The problem is, no insurance carriers in Missouri write the policies.  “You can’t get it,” said Henry Robertson, an attorney for St. Louis-based Great Rivers Environmental Law Center. “I contacted some of the renewable energy installers that I know in this state, and they say it is unavailable.”  Robertson thinks the rule violates the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act, which the state lege passed in 2007, which clearly spells out that homeowners who generate less than ten kilowatts of electricity do not need to purchase electricity, and last month filed a lawsuit against the PSC on behalf of Renew Missouri, which lobbied for the law.

Our long wait for a grocery store in downtown KC ends Tuesday!  For the last decade we have been converting existing space downtown to apartments and lofts, but there has been one gaping hole in the amenities…no grocery stores.  That changes Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. when the new Cosentino’s Market Downtown opens.  Simplifies my life and lets me reclaim a couple of hours of every week, at least.  I am one of those urban dwellers who uses public transit and patronizes the green grocers and the spice merchant and the niche markets in the City Market, about 25 blocks north of my apartment.  Then, after I am done there, I have to take my purchases home and go to the Cosentino’s market in Brookside about thirty blocks south of my place.  The new store is located at 10 East 13th St, and I can’t wait for Tuesday!

Rep. Emery will try again to legislate morality and pass his bill banning lap dances and regulating the porn industry.   I agree with taking steps to strengthen families, but I fail to see how this does that.  You strengthen families by putting services in place to help ease their burden, not by outlawing lap dances.  The law will probably pass, and even so it will have zero impact on me or anyone I know, because we don’t hang out in tittie bars, but I fail to see how it will ‘strengthen families.’  Now, restoring the Foster Grandparents program that Matt Blunt killed, and establishing training and child care programs might have an impact – but that would be going to far, I guess, since that would require taxes be collected and don’t tell other people what they can and can’t do with their lives.  

Agencies warn of dire consequences if their budgets are cut  Angst abounds as the 2009 session for the state lege draws near, and the economy looms large.  Warned of probable impending cuts to their budgets, state agencies are warning that the consequences could be dire.  Some of the scenarios they laid out include closing a veterans home, shutting down sheltered workshops for the disabled, scrapping college scholarships, even eliminating police protection at the Governors Mansion.    Missouri doesn’t have the option of running a deficit like the federal government does, and we are allergic to taxes in this state, so…cuts it is!

Session starts Wednesday and Show Me Progress will be there to document the atrocities!