Maida Coleman’s running as an Independent after finding that someone named Denise Watson-Wesley Coleman was running in the Democratic Primary.

If she gets access (I don’t know what the requirements are for Independent candidates), then expect the April election turnout to be respectable. No comment from Clara Jo Roddy.

There’ll also be a contested Green party primary for mayor between Don DeVivo and Elston McGowan. Which will be thrilling to the 20 or so people who’ll vote in the Green Party primary.

The final field for the Democratic primary is Slay, Irene Smith, and Denise Coleman. There’ll also be contested primaries in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 19th, 21st (some unknown dude*), 23rd, and 25th. There’s also quite a few Green Party candidates, which is unique since i’m pretty sure the Green Party doesn’t have automatic local access anywhere else in Missouri (and I don’t think they’re at risk of losing access purely because Coleman is running as an Independent in April).

I’ll defer to the St. Louis wing of the site on the details for these races.

(* – kidding kidding)