Well, it is the end of 2008, and the foreclosure crisis is not only still going strong, it is now spreading into communities that were considered protected from the vagaries of the market.  Now it is families with fixed rate mortgages facing foreclosure, due to layoffs, and not just victims of predatory adjustable rate mortgages.  The crisis has grown beyond the city, to the suburbs, and even exburbs.  In St. Louis City, their are empty blocks of brick homes, and in St. Charles County, there are deserted and unfinished subdivisions that a few years ago were considered prime real estate.  This is no longer a problem that affecting only this or that community, it is impacting everyone.  From falling property values, to vacant houses, to falling municipal revenues, no community is untouched.

For millions of families in this country, and thousands in the St. Louis metropolitan area, this is not a merry Christmas.  Mothers and fathers are trying to explain their crying children why they can’t live in their home anymore.  Others are trying to make space for family members who are being forced to stay with them… and these families are lucky to have a relatives nearby, who can house them.  Thousands more stand one missed paycheck/high medical bill/or expensive auto or home repair away from falling behind.  

But you already know this… so why am I writing you?


In the coming months, we will have the chance to hold Pres. Obama to his promise of a 90 day foreclosure moratorium, lift the ban on judicial bankruptcy modifications, and enact FDIC Chairwoman Bair’s proposal for mass loan modifications, which will save millions of housholds from the foreclosure nightmare.  These measures are important steps towards stabilizing America’s economy.  We have spent billions on a Wall St. Bailout, but have yet to help the families on our streets.  We can turn this tide, but it will take broad support from all corners of our society to focus politicians in Washington, DC on families in St. Louis, MO(or St. Peters or High Ridge).

We need small businesses, non-profits, unions, women’s groups, etc, to sign on.  This is an issue that is affecting everyperson in America, and we need to send a message that we are united behind the demand that our government take action to support Joe and Jane Lunchbox, and not just the bankers that got us into this mess.  

Please take the time to talk to your church, union, business partners, city council members, neighborhood association… well, anyone you can think of, and ask them to sign on as a supporter of the campaign to end the foreclosure crisis.  To sign on yourself/organization/business/congregation/etc., please resond to (burleigh@hotmail.com).

Thank you, and may the holidays find you warm, safe, and loved,

Glenn Burleigh

Head Organizer

St. Louis ACORN

ps- Feel free to forward widely.