As the days pass until day 1 (January 7th) of the 2009 session of the General Assembly.. it’s time to peek at some of the bills already proposed..

HB26 (Joe Smith): Restricting use of cellphones while driving on public property.

HB31 (David Sater): Tax credits if you buy a hybrid.

HB46 (Cynthia Davis): ‘Informed’ consent for Abortions

HB49 (Michael Frame): Early voting!

HB56 (Ed Wildberger): No Call List for Cellphones

HB66 (Scott Lipke): ‘God Bless America’ license plate

HB93 (Mike Thomson): Exempting tractors from various regulations if they’re participating in a parade.

HB110 (Walt Bivins): No more local sales tax for eyeglasses.


HJR1 (Will Kraus): limiting the General Assembly to 137 members

HJR2 (Rachel Storch): Nonpartisan state demographer, redistricting without regard for political factors

HJR3 (JC Kuessner): Increasing signature requirements for initiatives?

HJR4 (JC Kuessner): requiring 60% approval of amendments to the Missouri Constitution.

Meanwhile in the Senate

SB2 (Delbert Scott) prohibits use of beer bongs, jello shots, and Mardi Gras beads on Missouri rivers.

SB14 (Gary Nodler) bars felons from holding public office in Missouri.

SB17 (Joan Bray) eliminates the Death Penalty.

SB83 (Yvonne Wilson) bars civil use of tasers/stun guns.

SJR1 (Matt Bartle) creates the Missouri Savings Account. SJR2 (Matt Bartle) allows for MODOT to construct toll roads. SJR3 (Jason Crowell) allows for laws against sex offenders to be applied retroactively. SJR4 (Jane Cunningham) limits increases in property value due to reassessment and some other things that someone else can explain better.

The prefiled list for the Senate is here. The House list is here.